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Working blurb for The Imperiled Heir

I am still working on the final blurb for book two; this one will have more mystery, action, and adventure than the first 😁 I’m having fun writing it 💕 Read Blurb below: “It’s been a year since the missing prince of Odsia, Tristan Lockridge was found and restored to the throne. Now, after retreating… Continue reading Working blurb for The Imperiled Heir

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A Peculiar Royal Excerpt {First 3 Chapters}

One. 1835 “Time is running out, August,” King Dorian Lockridge stated from his throne to his Royal Advisor. “I’m not getting any younger and I surely am not getting any healthier.” “I understand, your highness,” August Elderon replied. “We are doing the best we can to find an heir but–” “I don’t want just any… Continue reading A Peculiar Royal Excerpt {First 3 Chapters}

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Journal of the RedSkull excerpt

“Trevor William Hagarth Henderson,” William growled when he opened the door and saw his son in the grip of Constable Reynolds. “Hullo, Pa,” Trevor weakly smiled. The afternoon sun beat down on Trevor’s shiny brown hair and added extra sparkle to his emerald eyes. At almost 16 years old, Trevor turned out to be a… Continue reading Journal of the RedSkull excerpt


Interview with Spearcraft 

1. Tell us about Spearcraft? The SpearCraft Book Box is a monthly handmade book subscription box that sends newly published Young Adult novels and assorted handmade bookish fandom goodies to your door. Each month’s SpearCraft Book Box has a fun theme (past tester themes included The “Cursed Child” & “I like you” themed around book… Continue reading Interview with Spearcraft 

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It’s been too long since I’ve posted which is unforgivable; I’ve been so busy writing that I’ve been neglecting my blog… Well, I’ll do my best to change that. So far, I’ve completed the revisions to “Pirates of the Lost Cove” book one: “The Journal of the RedSkull” and so that book as well as… Continue reading Updates

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An Interview with Author P.S Barlett

Hi friends,  Enjoy this interview with P.S Bartlett, author of The Razor’s Adventures! Introduce yourself: Ahoy! My name is Peggy and I go by the pen name P.S. Bartlett. I’m a writer, artist, wife, mother and grandmother of three gorgeous little girls. I live with my husband, two of our grown children and my three… Continue reading An Interview with Author P.S Barlett

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Historical Fiction vs Futuristic Sci-Fi

Hi Friends, Obviously, I love writing, and I love writing all kinds of genres. As you know, I’m still in the process of writing my “Pirates of the Lost Cove” series which is set in the 1770’s as well as “The Last Borns” which is set in the 2500’s, it’s awesome, don’t get me wrong;… Continue reading Historical Fiction vs Futuristic Sci-Fi