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Working blurb for The Imperiled Heir

I am still working on the final blurb for book two; this one will have more mystery, action, and adventure than the first 😁 I’m having fun writing it 💕 Read Blurb below: “It’s been a year since the missing prince of Odsia, Tristan Lockridge was found and restored to the throne. Now, after retreating… Continue reading Working blurb for The Imperiled Heir


The Imperiled Heir {First Chapter}

While we prepare for the release of A Peculiar Royal (formerly The Lost Prince) enjoy the first chapter of book two: “The Imperiled Heir” Chapter One: The Return Elandra Lockridge anxiously awaited the arrival of the carriage; it had been the longest three months she had ever been through, but today, the waiting was going… Continue reading The Imperiled Heir {First Chapter}

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Tips for Public Readings…

Here are just a few tips that helped me, especially as a shy person, with public readings: 1. Use different voices for each character. The majority of my characters in Pirates of the Lost Cove have English accents so I listened to English accents and practiced them. 2. Don’t keep your eyes glued to the… Continue reading Tips for Public Readings…