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The Siren’s Call, {Chapter One excerpt}

William Henderson wasn’t a fearful man, and why should he be? Standing at a good height of six-foot-two with a mighty, muscular build, there was no doubt that he could defend himself from any harm—along with the fact that his past occupation included looting, pillaging, fighting, and other daring tasks that took courage. Today, however,… Continue reading The Siren’s Call, {Chapter One excerpt}


Cover & Blurb Reveal for “Au Contraire”

Hello! Today is the day for my cover and blurb reveal for the latest edition to the https// family! Au Contraire Cover: Blurb: Old Money- The Kensingtons of Ravenhill, North Indigo are an uptight, affluent family; known for their long historical impact on the country. Mrs. Kensington and her three strapping sons have been keeping… Continue reading Cover & Blurb Reveal for “Au Contraire”

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Working blurb for The Imperiled Heir

I am still working on the final blurb for book two; this one will have more mystery, action, and adventure than the first 😁 I’m having fun writing it 💕 Read Blurb below: “It’s been a year since the missing prince of Odsia, Tristan Lockridge was found and restored to the throne. Now, after retreating… Continue reading Working blurb for The Imperiled Heir

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A Peculiar Royal Excerpt {First 3 Chapters}

One. 1835 “Time is running out, August,” King Dorian Lockridge stated from his throne to his Royal Advisor. “I’m not getting any younger and I surely am not getting any healthier.” “I understand, your highness,” August Elderon replied. “We are doing the best we can to find an heir but–” “I don’t want just any… Continue reading A Peculiar Royal Excerpt {First 3 Chapters}

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Journal of the RedSkull excerpt

“Trevor William Hagarth Henderson,” William growled when he opened the door and saw his son in the grip of Constable Reynolds. “Hullo, Pa,” Trevor weakly smiled. The afternoon sun beat down on Trevor’s shiny brown hair and added extra sparkle to his emerald eyes. At almost 16 years old, Trevor turned out to be a… Continue reading Journal of the RedSkull excerpt

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Tips for Public Readings…

Here are just a few tips that helped me, especially as a shy person, with public readings: 1. Use different voices for each character. The majority of my characters in Pirates of the Lost Cove have English accents so I listened to English accents and practiced them. 2. Don’t keep your eyes glued to the… Continue reading Tips for Public Readings…

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Pirates of the Lost Cove ends, after credits:

Hey everyone! Here’s a little fun thing I did not too long ago. Here’s to dreaming my book becomes a film 😜 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Trevor whistles as he walks by; he stops, “oh my… Nikolas! Nikolas, come here!” Nikolas: What? Trevor: There’s little people out there watching us. Have they been here this– have you all… Continue reading Pirates of the Lost Cove ends, after credits:

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An Interview with

Hey everyone,  Today I will be posting an interview with an amazing artist I met on Instagram ( I saw some of his drawings and needed him to draw my characters… Take a look at some of the drawings he did of Trevor: Beautiful aren’t they? Well, here is the interview: 1. First Introduce yourself?… Continue reading An Interview with