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Working blurb for The Imperiled Heir

I am still working on the final blurb for book two; this one will have more mystery, action, and adventure than the first 😁 I’m having fun writing it 💕

Read Blurb below:

“It’s been a year since the missing prince of Odsia, Tristan Lockridge was found and restored to the throne. Now, after retreating to Tamin for 3 months due to receiving death threats, Tristan returns to Odsia, and finds that his predicament has become worse.

After Tristan is placed on lockdown by his grandfather, King Dorian, the country is thrown into a frenzy when the prince goes missing one night.

Now, with the help of his friends, Tristan will need to find his way back to freedom and uncover the identity of who has it out for him and why…”

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